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Goddess Rose Heidi


Below are some of my suggestions for our time together. Simply read through, pick and choose your favourite ideas, and let me know what you’d like to explore in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

​1. Let’s chat! Be courageous and share your secret desires with me! I’d like to hear all the details!

2. Tie & tease. You might like to get blindfolded, hand-tied, teased and sensually massaged.

3. Light to medium spanking, sensual flogging, impact play.


4. Light bondage: We might agree to tie hands together on the bed, or to a chair, which allows access to the submissive state of mind, a starting point to erotic tension. When a person cannot escape, they cannot be responsible for what happens next, and they don’t have to worry about thinking or acting – they are simply free to exist in the moment without any responsibility.

5. Blindfold: Once restrained, I may add a blindfold to heighten any sense of helplessness and sexual tension.

6. Teasing: My sub will not know what will happen next: I may kick the chair, then a whisper something in their ear, or I might run my hand gently over their body, with a quick pinch on a nipple, nails scratching lightly over their skin, a light face slap, tapping the thigh with a leader paddle. I may stand in front of them in luxury lingerie, beyond reach and unobtainable, running my stiletto up his thigh.

7. Collar & leash: My sub may crawl next to me on the floor in a collar, while I hold the leash like they're my pet, while they're blindfolded.

8. Masturbation: My sub may ask for permission to masturbate, and I may say no or yes as I please. I may permit or deny their orgasm.


9. Foot fetish: Bow down at my feet, give me a foot massage, suck my toes! I may order my sub to smell, kiss and lick my feet as I desire.

10. Body worship: I will instruct my slave to give me a full body massage, just the way I like it.

11. Feminization, sissy-slut training, strap-on sucking, gender play.

12. Fantasy outfits: Feel free to bring along and dress up in your favourite fantasy outfit. On request, I can wear a red full-body stocking, hot pink pants, or a sexy secretary outfit. If you’d like me to wear anything else, please purchase it and bring it along to the booking.

13. Kinky role play: Bosslady, Nurse, Teacher, Stepmom, Sexy Secretary, what’s your fantasy?

14. Crossdressing: Bring along your sexy female lingerie, undies or dresses, dress up for me in female clothes.

15. Latex fetish, high hill worship.

16. Anal play on you: prostate massage, small butt plugs, or dildo play on you, strap on you.

17. Erotic Teasing: slowly crossing and uncrossing my legs, teasing you with my bare feet, flashing my dress… but you can’t touch it yet, you have to earn the opportunity to pleasure me.

18. Light and playful erotic humiliation, objectification, human furniture, small penis humiliation, age play.

19. Toys: My collection of toys is gradually growing! I now have a collar and leash, a bondage set, a blindfold, a flogger, a real leather paddle, and a red leather whip. I also have a variety of sizes of dildos for your pleasure and a strap-on set.


20. Adult baby, ABDL, age play.

21. Be my sex slave.


22. Sensual cock and ball teasing, ball kicking. 

23Intimacy for ladies and couples. 


 24. Light bedroom-style BDSM training, if you would like to spice things up in your personal life.

25. Intimacy coaching for gentlemen who are inexperienced with ladies, or haven’t dated for a while.


26. Lunch / dinner / social date / shopping and playtime.

27Kinky Girlfriend Experience:  sexy lingerie, intimate touch, oral on you (covered), intercourse.


Yes, straight girlfriend experiences are still a lot of fun, but if you’d like to request to throw a bit of Kink into our booking, it can take things to a whole new level!

If you would like to combine your kink curiosity with any of my other services, we certainly can – simply check out my other website too:



I do not offer golden shower, brown shower, PSE, natural services, and wrestling.


0. Luh / dinnr / social date and playtim


* Safe & consensual: I provide a safe environment so that you have a pleasurable experience tailored to your individual and unique needs within my boundaries.

* I am a dominatrix and never a submissive.



· Gentlemen, ladies, transsexuals

· First time clients, those new to the world of kink, fetish, BDSM

· People with disability

· Clients who would like to learn about bedroom style BDSM for their own personal use at home (BDSM training)

· Inexperienced clients who would like to discover and learn about male / female intimacy (Intimacy Coaching)

· Clients who would like to experience the combination of a girlfriend experience and light bedroom style BDSM (Kinky Girlfriend Experience)

· Lesbian, crossdressing ladies who would like to experience what it feels like being intimate with another lady

· Gentlemen who would like to be treated as a lady in the bedroom

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