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Goddess Rose Heidi

hello slaves, submissives & kinksters!

My name is Heidi Rose. I'm an experienced high-class escort, who is also now exploring the world of kink, fetish and BDSM, where I am known as Goddess Rose. What a name, Goddess Rose! It just sounds so good, right! I have completed a number of formal courses in ‘impact play’ and basic BDSM, so you are in safe hands with me. 

If you're curious about or new to the world of kink, then you've come to the right place. Let’s play and spice things up! Let’s escape into a fantasy world together. My ‘Kink Curious Explorer’ experience is fun, safe, exhilarating and tailored to your individual needs (within my boundaries). 

I am also a Kink Curious Explorer. I am learning and exploring, and not only from the formal courses I have been attended in person, but also from my clients. Every client is different, with different needs and fantasies, and I’ve been lucky enough to attract clients who are also new to the world of kink, fetish and BDSM, who would like to explore more, and so we’ve been exploring together! 

But why do clients make a booking with me, Goddess Rose? 

We all have our personal fantasies. I provide a personal, authentic, one-on-one experi
ence where you can indulge in any specific fantasy you like and escape the 'real world' for a couple of hours, or more. Perhaps you want to relive a past experience, or you’re seeking an opportunity to reveal yourself in a safe place? Maybe you would like an intimate opportunity for human connection, someone to talk to about your fantasies and desires? Well, I am here for you! 

I have the deepest respect for all of my clients, even when they are kneeling in front of me in the character of a ‘slave’ and I am in the character of a ‘Goddess’! Submission is not weakness. It takes great courage and vulnerability to live out and explore your desires. I reckon, good on you for choosing not to suppress it, but to have the courage to explore it in the safe and non-judgmental environment I provide. 


But where do we start?  


For some people, it could take many years to build up the courage to make a booking… but why wait, when you can simply dive in? 

If you prefer, we can just start with a chat – if that is how far you’d like to go on our first booking, that is completely fine. One of my clients was simply excited to have the opportunity to tell me an experience he once had with his girlfriend. He also wanted to know how to progress further in his personal life. He also asked to see a real blindfold, and his eyes just lit up! For him, that is how far he wanted to go on his first booking and that was completely fine with me. 

You can also just dive in! You design the content of our booing (within my boundaries). Tell me about your secret desires, and let’s live it out!   

You may choose to request a blindfold, a tie & tease experience, a light spanking, or to crawl around the floor next to me with a collar and leash on you, being a submissive with me as your Goddess. 

You may like to try anal play on you and prostate massage. Let's throw in a boss-lady role-play, foot-fetish experience or, if you earn it, I may even let you worship my body by giving me a full body massage, or whatever else I order you to do! 

Cross-dressing is always fun. Bring along your dresses or lingerie – I would love to see you embracing being a beautiful and glamourous woman on your own.  

Are you ready to take the next step? 

I have outlined some ideas for our time together in the ‘Services’ section of my profile, as well as the things I don't offer. Please read it through carefully, and pick and choose from the list of experiences. I feel that a 2-hour booking is ideal for first-time clients, but often my returning clients make longer bookings, for 5 or 6-hour sessions too.


When you are ready, please first check my 'Availability' page on my website.

To make a booking, please fill out the booking form on my website. Please note, I don’t take bookings via SMS or email. Kindly select the experiences you would like to explore, this will be the content of your booking as well as your consent list for me, and will help me to prepare for your session. 


Once I receive your booking request, I will get back to you to arrange a time for a quick call, to touch base, to say 'hi' to each other and to confirm the booking details (city, date, time, duration of booking, deposit details).


Once we lock-in an actual date / time for our play date over the phone, a booking deposit will be required within 10 minutes, with a screenshot of your payment. I accept bank transfer payment to my business bank account, or you can pay via BeemIt App. Once I receive your deposit, your booking will be confirmed. I don’t take any bookings without a deposit.


I will look forward to meeting you! When we meet, I will greet you like a friend and we start our session with a brief chat talking normally. After you have had a shower, our play time will start and we’ll both reach a state of flow where we’re both totally absorbed in the moment. At the end, we’ll come out of our characters, chat normally again and transition back to ‘real life’. 

The core of our relationship will be built on communication, trust, acceptance and respect. Naturally, all relationships are built over time, when we see each other on multiple occasions. Each time, we can push the experience further to embrace your deepest desires. 


So, I invite you on a journey with me – forget about everything else and let's play! We can then go back to ‘real life’ completely recharged, focused and refreshed. I look forward to hearing from you and taking you on an unforgettable journey! 

Your One and Only, Goddess Rose

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